Awarded Honeys by Country

Saudi Arabia (76)

Brand Company
1 عسل السدر Fahad Alqunon for honey
2 عسل الشفلح Fahad Alqunon For honey
3 عسل الطلح Fahad Alqunon For honey
4 Acacia asak-Acacia hamulosa Alnahal Aljwal
5 Acacia orgena Honey مناحل الفهيد
6 Acacia origena Alnahal Aljwal
7 Acacia tortilis Alnahal Aljwal
8 Athel Honey Musaad AlGhazi Apiaries
9 Athel Honey ABDULRAOUF ABANUMAY "mnahl alhqyel w abanmye"
10 Athel Honey Abu Osama Apiaries for wild honey
11 Athel Honey Alzunidi Apiaries
12 Athel Honey Apiaries of Uday wild honey
13 Azhar Al Saif apiaries
14 Byouk libya Alnahal Aljwal
15 Dorm honey Alasl Allajy
16 Katad &dahyana Honey Manahel Abu Yousif Alsaedi
17 Katad Honey Mohamed Alqalati " Rose Albaha Honey"
18 Katad Honey thamarat Al-shifa
19 Sider honey Natural food Ltd
20 Majea Honey Alasl Allajy
21 Majra Honey Sulaiman Yahya Almashyakhi
22 Mangrove Hiney alhuda
23 Mangrove Nasser farm
24 Mangrove Munhalu albaraka
25 Mangrove Honey Alaa Honey Shop
26 Mangrove Honey HNY ROSE
28 Mangrove Honey Ebtehal Mohammed alawamy (golden bee)
29 MANGROVE HONEY Mnahel ALlabyadh
30 MANGROVE HONEY Mnahel ALlabyadh
31 Multi flowers Honey مناحل الفهيد
32 Qarad Al Ard Valley Honeys
33 Qarad Valley honney
34 Saefy (Summer) honey Shahid Alhijaz "Alwagdani"
35 Safy Honey Saleh Garama AlShahrani " Manahel Abo Anas"
36 Samra Honey Aryaf Alnahl Honey
37 Sayal Honey Manahel jebal Rafa
38 Shafalh Honey Manahel Abuo Soud
39 Sidr Al Saif apiaries
40 Sidr Valley honney
41 Sidr Honey ABDULRAOUF ABANUMAY "mnahl alhqyel w abanmye"
42 Sidr Honey Saod Al mulla (Shahed Apiaries)
43 Sidr Honey thamarat Al-shifa
44 Sidr Honey Apiaries and the northern neighborhood
45 sidr honey fahad algazy
46 Sidr Honey Alasl Allajy
47 Sidr Honey Abu Osama Apiaries for wild honey
48 Sidr Honey Bin Soman for honey
49 SIDR HONEY Foodco Trading Company
50 Sidr Honey Manahel Abuo Soud
52 SIDR HONEY Mnahel ALlabyadh
53 Talh Harimla Asaly apiaries for production of wild honey
54 Talh Honey Al-Qaifii honey
55 Talh Honey Manahel Abu Yousif Alsaedi
56 Talh Honey Manhal al ahbab
57 Talh Honey Mountain bee for honey
58 Talh Honey Musaad AlGhazi Apiaries
59 Talh Honey Shahid Alhijaz "Alwagdani"
60 Talh Honey Sultan Alshuhail apiaries for wild honey
61 Talh Honey Sultan's apiaries
62 Talh Honey Wadya For Honey
63 Talh Honey Abu Osama Apiaries for wild honey
64 Talh Honey AbdulSalam AlGhithi for wild honey
65 Talh Honey Asaly apiaries for production of wild honey
66 Talh Honey Faisal Al Salama Apiaries for wild honey
67 Talh Honey Abdullah Aba numay "mnahl alhqyel w abanmye"
68 Talh Honey Abdullah AlGhazi Apiaries
69 Talh Honey Abu Abdul Rahman Apiaries
70 Talh Honey Algazi apiaries
71 Talh Honey Alrahiq Almakhtum
72 Talh Honey Alzunidi Apiaries
73 talh honey fahad algazy
74 Talh Sayal Honey Aryaf Alnahl Honey
75 Ziziphus spina Alnahal Aljwal
76 Zohor Honey Bander alhqyel "alhqyel & abanumay for Honey"

Libya (4)

Brand Company
3 Alnaqaa honey Alnaqaa honey
4 Alnaqaa honey Alnaqaa honey

Oman (3)

Brand Company
1 Shokaaa Manahel wadi nam "Ismail Al-Falahi"
2 Sidr & samr honey Manahel wadi nam "Ismail Al-Falahi"
3 Talh Honey Manahel wadi nam "Ismail Al-Falahi"

Kuwait (3)

Brand Company
1 Kena Honey Honey kut
2 Safsaf Honey Honey kut
3 Sidr Honey Honey kut

Jordan (3)

Brand Company
1 Marar Honey Apiaries and honey Abu Zreeg alsalim
2 Salam Honey Apiaries and honey Abu Zreeg alsalim
3 Shwkyat Honey Al-Shamaein Honey Foundation

France (2)

Brand Company
1 Bee’s kiss Bee's dream
2 Lavande ApiHappy

Egypt (2)

Brand Company
1 Golden Drop Hanan Alaskalane
2 Volansky Honey Medar Farm Products S. R. O.

New Zealand (2)

Brand Company
1 900+ MGO Manuka Honey – Single Origin Hello Honey
2 900+ MGO Manuka Honey – Single Origin Hello Honey.

Greece (2)

Brand Company
1 Apihive Honey Apihive Honey
2 Melifera Melifera

Rwanda (1)

Brand Company
1 Royal Ubuki ROBEEC LTD

Lebanon (1)

Brand Company
1 Orchards Of Laila Natural Oak Honey 300 g LEBANESE GENCO OLIVE OIL

Vietnam (1)

Brand Company
1 PHONG SON Company Limited PHONG SON Company Limited

Started keeping bees in 1977, officially established the company in 2002, PHONG SON now has over 47 years of experience under belt in this industry and becomes one of the leading honey exporters in Vietnam.
From mere 10 at the beginning to 400,000 beehives in Vietnam beekeeping’s heyday, we are now a prestigious and celebrated export company that has made a name for itself in the international honey market.
Our commitment is to produce 100% natural honey for our customers’ year-round enjoyment. We establish and foster long-standing relationships with all stakeholders around the world. Phong Son value every single link in our production chain, and mobilize local along with international expertise to continuously improve our processes to meet the customers’ requirements.